About Us

Friends and Founding  Member's:  Stella and Isabelle                                          

Isabelle started her own business, My Little Finger Prints, in response to a demand in the market where affordable Baby and Family Keepsakes were not readily accessible at a quality price and standard.  Since then, Isabelle has expanded her business into not only Keepsakes, but also into personalised Invitations, Artisan Jewellery, Homewares and Gemstone Artwork. 

Isabelle believes that in order to run a successful business, "you first need to know that you are a success and that you can achieve your dreams and goals by surrounding yourself with a like-minded Community".

Stella began in the handmade business by creating her own brand of baby wear, Sugar and Saige,  with creating classic baby wear for both Boys and Girls. Since Stella's first sew she has focused on expanding her business into universal Baby Wear and Homewares (hats, matching button earrings and table settings) for all ages. 

As a Mother of four, Stella believes that multi-tasking and confidence in your decisions is key to being able to engage in a successful business and the Community. Stella often says "turn a negative into a positive and keep moving forward".

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide an environment which builds and promotes a sustainable and engaging Handmade Community.
Our Vaules
Respect: Everyone will be treated equally and with dignity;
Integrity: We endeavour to be honest, open, ethical, and fair;
Diversity: We will support and encourage differences to make our community special;
Genuine: We endeavour to be transparent and true to our word; and
Quality: We endeavour to stock and sell high quality professional handmade items.